Madison: Poised & Polished

Madison Belli, a freshman at Mercyhurst University, is exactly what the fashion department needed. She is not afraid to express her personality and sassy attitude through her clothing. When interviewing Madison, she knew her style to a “T” and never had to think twice about her responses. This girl knows who she is and celebrates being able to show it.

Strutting around campus during the day while going to class is always a fashion opportunity. Madison loves to show off her style and wear her three favorite pieces: bomber jackets, wedges, and cropped tops. Looking effortless is of utmost importance to her, so these pieces help her pull off that natural, yet trendy vibe.

Pop superstar Ariana Grande is Madison’s favorite fashion icon. She adores Grande’s way of mixing pieces that normally would not be paired together. She loves to emulate the look of oversized sweatshirts and dresses with knee-high boots, and the classic high pony tail. How fun, right? She also loves Kendall and Kylie Jenner. “They have a way of being able to take their daytime looks into the night in the most effortless way,” Madison comments.

Forever 21, Fashion Nova, and Tilly’s are where you can find Madison shopping. These stores carry the styles and pieces Madison is constantly looking to fill her wardrobe with. She knows that trends come and go, so fast fashion stores are going to allow her to get key pieces to stay on trend but won’t break the bank!

What sets Madison apart from other girls is her spunk. Beside from her obvious beauty, her fun-loving and relaxed personality give her the ‘It Girl’ factor. “Put together, classic, and effortless is the look I’m always going for,” Madison explains. Always having her hair and nails done is a must. She absolutely loves pampering herself and making sure she is polished and ready to work it.

Having a cohesive look is something Madison always strives for. “I love when my eye makeup matches with my clothing and my mood. I need to make sure every part of my outfit gives off the same vibe,” she mentions. Madison definitely knows her personal style and the direction she wants to take her outfits in.  She believes that through the cohesiveness of her looks, there is confidence. When she knows her outfit is fun and fabulous, she can be comfortable and just be herself.

On top of being a fashion major, Madison is also an accomplished cheerleader. She is very opinionated and enthusiastic, a perfect combination for a girl taking up this sport. Focusing on the concept of fashion in cheerleading, she loves how competitive cheerleading uniforms are centered around the major glitz and bling factor.

Madison loves anything and everything bedazzled. She loves to take this to her everyday looks when accessorizing and doing her makeup. “I love wearing big sparkly hoops because they take any outfit up a notch and give that ‘bad girl’ vibe,” Madison comments. She loves making her eyes dazzle with the Huda Beauty eyeshadow palettes and lips sparkle with her Fenty lip gloss. Madison knows what looks she wants to create and always seems to accomplish them effortlessly.

Combining fashion and beauty is something Madison has always loved. She finds it exciting to try new looks with her makeup and translate that into her clothing. She loves pieces that attract attention and let everyone know about her sparkly and glam personality. Madison’s mindset of being a boss babe translates into her fashion sense and sets her apart from the crowd in the most fabulous way!

Alainah Sfamenos, '21

Lover of all things fashion and beauty.