How to Add an Edgy Punch to Any Outfit

Everyone hits a wall, one time or another, when trying to amp up an outfit. It could be the lack of a statement piece, or the use of minimal makeup instead of bold. Maybe the outfit is far too simple for you. If you struggle with finding a way around this wall, keep reading to learn four easy steps to pack a wardrobe punch.

  • Find the outfit that needs a little push. Making a change to an outfit can’t be made without an actual outfit. To make the outfit planning easier, lay the outfit pieces out the night before. Early preparation makes the following day far less stressful so all the focus can be put toward the edgy update.
  • Pick the perfect statement accessory. Once the garments are finalized, the accessory needs to be selected. Consider trying statement necklaces and oversized earrings. It’s important to remember balance at this point of planning. The metal type should stay consistent, but the sizes can vary. The choice is to either rock large earrings OR a statement necklace (usually not both). Other more dainty jewelry pieces complement the statement piece and completes the full look.
  • Match the shoes to the rest of the look. A heel, big or small, raises the outfit a couple of inches in edginess. The power of confidence that comes with the added lift of a heel brings a new tone to the outfit. Booties can drive confidence from the ground up and make the person wearing them glow.
  • Bring the bold face into play. The clothes and accessories are finalized, so now comes the face of makeup. Creating a bold face starts with eyeshadow in the style of a smoky eye. This smoky eye color will be adjusted to match the colors of the outfit. Following the smoky eye, comes the addition of eyeliner with a wing. To complete the bold makeup look, curl your lashes and brush on jet black mascara.

Each of these steps are left open to personalization, but that’s the fun of it all. Find what speaks to you every step of the way. At the end of these quick steps, you will have a brand new look to revamp your style. Next time an outfit falls short, you’ll have the needed steps to punch any outfit to the next level.

Katy Vaccariello, '21

Movie, music and fashion lover, who is addicted to shoes. If I’m not studying for school, I’m online looking for an all new pair!