Trevor Simpson: “The King of Gingham”

Is there anything as too much gingham? For Trevor Simpson, there is no such thing. When it comes to fashion, Trevor expresses himself through his unique, sophisticated spin on everyday preppy attire. Having known Trevor for almost two years now, I can honestly say he is the best-dressed male I know.

Trevor truly has a weakness for gingham. If he could wear it head to toe, I know for sure that he would. He loves the versatility of it and the statement it makes. Trevor and I both share a love for gingham which has made us grow as very close friends. This pattern is perfect for his preppy style.

Some of his favorite brands consist of Vineyard Vines, J. Crew, and Kiel James Patrick. All three of these brands really encompass Trevor not only in a fashion sense, but in terms of his personality and lifestyle. “I really enjoy these brands because they are not only fitting to my style personality, but they are also known for their high quality,” Trevor says. “Quality is something I really value and is an important aspect to me.”

Trevor takes on the Big Apple with his signature style and class.

On a day-to-day basis, Trevor is seen around campus with a smile on his face and a pep in his step. He is truly a joy to be around and he always knows how to brighten my day. Fashion has been an outlet for Trevor to reveal his true self. He has always had an impeccable sense of style and was voted best-dressed in high school. “Trevor always had that infectious personality and smile,” says longtime friend, Casey Phillips. “His style has evolved over the years and coming to Mercyhurst has helped him find his niche.”

Many may be surprised to know that Trevor hasn’t always had this style. In fact, he even sported the classic skater-boy look back in the day. As Casey mentioned, his style has dramatically evolved over time, leaving his skater-boy days in the past as a distant memory. “Today, I would not be caught dead wearing what I wore in middle school,” Trevor said with a chuckle. He expressed that he is thankful that he has grown out of that phase and has developed his sophisticated, preppy style.

Trevor came to Mercyhurst to pursue a career in the field of marketing. This past year, he has decided to become a double major in marketing and fashion merchandising. He loves how these majors go hand-in-hand with one another and combine two of his biggest passions.

“The King of Gingham” spotted in one of his classic ensembles.

So far, Trevor’s favorite fashion class he has taken is Menswear. “Menswear was very interesting for me to be able to learn more about what does and what does not look good on me,” he said.

His dream job is to work for Vineyard Vines as a content creator. Trevor is extremely creative not only when it comes to fashion, but also with photography. He loves taking pictures in his free time and adding them to his super cool Instagram page (You can go check him out on Instagram @trevorsimpson19). He is always coming up with something new and innovative and never fails to wow. There is no doubt in my mind that Trevor will achieve his dreams. I look forward to being able to be a part of his journey and continue to watch him be the spectacular person he is.

Jilly O'Donnell, '21

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