Why “Friendsgiving” is Better than Actual Thanksgiving

Being far away from your family during the holiday season can be hard. As a college student, these few weeks are usually filled with finals, sickness and stress. All we want is to be home with our families and not have to worry about the usual college student stresses. Although these small issues take a big toll on us, we should sit back and look at the big picture. When you do this, you are able to see just how lucky you are to have the friends that you do away from home.

“Friendsgiving” celebrations have become a popular trend among social circles. What’s better than a meal and socializing with your closest friends?! Here are some of my favorite reasons as to why a “Friendsgiving” is much less stressful than Thanksgiving.

The ultimate group of “Friends.”
  1. No family drama! We all have those family members that make visiting a lot more stressful than it should be. At “Friendsgiving,” all of our friends love and accept us for who we are (including our small flaws). Your friends have most likely been with you through the times you’ve hit rock bottom and the times you’ve celebrated life to the fullest. A true friend will not hold grudges, but will celebrate life right next to you.


  1. There are no relatives asking you what your life plan is. I don’t know about you, but this question stresses me out more than finals ever will. At “Friendsgiving,” you and your friends are all in the same boat. The future is in the air but one sure thing is your friendship and this is the time to be extra thankful for it.
My wonderful group of friends.
  1. You can share your favorite homemade dishes with your friends. Have each friend bring a special homemade dish and create your own traditions. This way, everyone can try something new and it’s just like bringing a piece of home to share with your friends.


  1. You can reminisce on funny stories that only your friends will understand. This is my favorite part of “Friendsgiving” because telling these funny stories and memories will help you realize how lucky you are and appreciate these friends in your life.
Friends are worth celebrating this season.
  1. You can express how thankful you are to have met these wonderful people. It’s easy to forget how lucky you are to have amazing friends when finals week rolls around and you are stressed about every small thing. This is a time to look around and appreciate what you have and who you get to experience this time with.
Hannah Park, '21

A small town girl with big city dreams.