How I started my own blog

As fashion students, it’s not uncommon for us to be loyal blog followers, and many of us even have our own! Blogging is a great means of self expression, and I have found it to be not only fun but exciting. I started my blog, Abigail Rose, eight months ago, and before that I knew nothing about blogging. Since then I’ve learned so much, so read on to find out some of my top tips for starting your own blog.


1. Start with the right reason.

This may sound weird, but it is something you need to consider before officially starting your blog. You should ask yourself, “Why am I starting a blog?” The reason I wanted to start a blog was I had an obsession with fashion/beauty and I wanted to share that with a potential audience. But one really big misconception about blogging is that right when you start you will get money or be sent products from brands that you are talking about. Unfortunately this does not happen to all bloggers, and if this does happen then it is because they have been blogging for a LONG time. Also having an audience really contributes to this! Getting your blog up to that caliber is a very hard and a long process, so if you wouldn’t be happy with this then you may want to reconsider blogging.

 2. Name + Theme.

Now that we have the boring stuff out of the way, we can talk about the fun. The very first thing you should do is to figure out what you will be blogging about and then tie that to the name. Picking out a name can be tricky, but just give it some time and the perfect name will come to you. Choose a design that feels authentic to who you are as a person and matches your personality.

 3. Blogging Platforms.

Now that you have your name, you can now start the official process of creating your blog! SO EXCITING! For a really easy basic platform I would recommend Blogger. It is super user friendly and it does not need any high tech knowledge. All you need is a google GMail account and you’re set! The other platform is WordPress. This platform has a little more involvement in it, meaning you need to have some idea of the tech world. WordPress could be great for those who have mastered Blogger and want more of a challenge moving forward. But whatever platform you guys think will work best for you, defiantly use! 

 4. Brainstorm Blog Topics.

This step is one of the hardest and best steps ever. I found myself struggling to come up with new and original content ideas. So what I did to help spark some ideas was ask, what would I want to read during my free time, and what posts catch my eye. With asking these questions my brain started to turn and I had a list of about twenty right in front of me. I still do this eight months later, and it still really helps. 

 5. Quality over Quantity.

Since there are so many amazing bloggers already out on the Internet, how do I make my blog comparable to theirs? One of the biggest tips I can give to you is to be relatable, relevant, original, and have great photos to accompany the post. When I say try to get the best pictures, I do not mean go out and buy a super expensive camera. All you need is your iPhone and good lighting and you’re set! But at the end of the day, this all comes with time. I am still learning new things! 

 6. Start Posting.

This may sound silly, but you just have to take the plunge and start posting. It can be a little scary at first because you are putting yourself out on the Internet, so maybe try posting an “About Me” post to break the ice. Just something that is super light and will get you feeling more comfortable about future blogging. That’s what I did for my blog and I found that it really helped me and it would allow for my future readers to get to know me a little better. 

 7. Social Media.

This is the biggest way you will get people interested in the content you are creating. So I really recommend creating an Instagram, Pinterest, or Twitter account for your blog to get noticed. It is also a great way to be interactive with your followers. Making a connection with them will show that you really care and are invested. So what if you start out with barely any followers…with time, work, and patience, that number is sure to grow!

 8. Have Fun.

At the end of the day blogging is supposed to be a fun hobby for men and women to enjoy when they need a break from reality. Have fun with the design and content of the blog. Do not let your blog feel like a job because if it does then you are doing something very wrong!


Abby Boras, '22

Just a girl who is classy and fabulous!