The Makeup Guru of Mercyhurst

She struts the sidewalks of Mercyhurst with her eyeliner always on fleek and her highlighter beaming. She’s the girl you go to when you need to look stunning at the Military Ball, or even just a night out downtown. Sydney Loesch, 21, is known around campus for beating your face in the nicest way possible. This self-taught beauty guru dishes on the biggest makeup mistakes everyone makes, and how YouTube is no longer a user friendly media outlet for newbies.

Sydney graciously invited me over to interview her, which gave me the opportunity to also talk to her roommates on how they feel about clients coming in and out of their townhouse. Roommate Emily Hopkins simply said, “I don’t mind, I just come in and there’s multiple people here.” With such carefree roommates, Sydney’s creativity is able to flow.

Q: How did you get started doing makeup and how long have you been doing it?

S.L.: This is actually a really weird story. So, there was this YouTube guy who made funny videos like comedy videos and stuff, and his best friend had a beauty-channel, and she was the first person I watched do makeup and ever since then I just wanted to get into that. That’s just kind of what started me liking makeup. I’ve been doing makeup since I was in 8th grade. I wasn’t good back then but I’ve been doing it ever since.

Q: How exactly did you teach yourself how to do these techniques?

A: I would watch YouTube videos over and over again. I would sit in my room after I got off work or after school and I would just sit with makeup wipes and just do it, wipe it off, do it again, wipe it off again. Seriously! I would do one eye and then wipe it off, just constantly for an hour. I didn’t do it every day, but when I had free time I would do that.

Q:  How much do you think you have spent on makeup in the last five years?

S.L.: Right now my collection totals to at least $6,000. But, in the last five years, close to $10,000. A lot of it I get as presents.

Q: What is your favorite makeup brand and product?

S.L.: Oh that’s a hard one. I really like Anastasia, that’s probably my number one, I basically love all of their products. Drugstore brands I really like are Wet n’ Wild and Maybelline, they’re really inexpensive. I have makeup from practically every brand and there are certain products from certain brands that are better than other products—not every brand is perfect. My favorite product would be the Jaclyn Hill palette by the brand Morphe, because highlighter is my favorite thing.

Q: What beauty gurus do you look up to for new ideas and new looks?

S.L.: Her name is rawbeautykristi, and she’s so funny. I used to like Jaclyn Hill a lot but lately she’s been rubbing me wrong. She just has a lot of money and shows it. MannyMUA—I think he’s hilarious. I love Jeffery Star. I love mostly guys like James Charles, and Thomas Halbert.

Q: Do you think you will ever put out any social media channels for your makeup?

S.L.: I have thought about that a lot. Whenever it comes to prom season I like to endorse myself and I post on Twitter, Facebook or Snapchat pictures of what I’ve done. I’ve done a ton of prom makeup and wedding makeup. I had a makeup Instagram when I was in high school but now my skills have gotten so much better so I deleted it because compared to what I can do now it’s really embarrassing. I’ve thought about a YouTube channel but YouTube isn’t what it used to be. It used to just be you could take your iPhone camera and set it on a stack of books and record yourself and post it and people would watch it. But now, it’s so social media based and you need a good camera and good lighting and you need all these things and your background has to be great; it’s so much more social and technologically advanced, more than it was back five years ago, and it’s so commercialized.

Q: Have you ever considered making this passion into a career?

S.L.: Oh yeah! But the thing is, is in the makeup industry there are already so many talented makeup artists like Pat McGrath, and Charlotte Tilbury, they have been doing this since they were 15. I feel like if I were to do it, yes I would love it but, it wouldn’t be me in Hollywood or New York for Fashion Week. That is what I would want it to be like but it’s just not a reality.

Q: Is there anything you see people doing that annoys you because it is completely wrong?

S.L.: One thing that bothers me is when people call foundation cover-up which is such a basic thing to get mad about. Also, liquid foundation; people don’t know that it does not set itself— you’re supposed to put powder on top so it doesn’t get on your clothing and so it doesn’t start dripping off. Also, people who do the wings that are way out past your eye and super thick.

Q: What advice would you tell those who would like to start to get into doing makeup?

S.L.: Honestly, it could be really frustrating when you see something on YouTube, those people make it look easy. Just start practicing on your eye shape first before you do anyone else’s because they are two completely different things.


All in all, this Mercyhurst makeup guru could be the ticket to your next hot look. “If I’m feeling super extra or don’t feel like doing my makeup, I’ll ask Syd,” says roommate, Callie Leonard. A roommate who doubles as a makeup artist doesn’t sound too bad to me, especially when Sydney is creating a masterpiece free of charge…for now.

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