My summer at Pandora

With my sophomore review looming around the corner, I knew that as soon as summer began, I needed to accrue some great retail work experience for my resume. I applied to multiple jobs online, and heard absolutely nothing! I became discouraged, until I got called in for one interview, to be a part-time sales associate at Pandora. I was so excited, and thankfully I landed the job.

Initially, I was very nervous about starting this job, as I had no prior sales experience, and I tend to be a little more on the quiet side. Thankfully, I have an amazing store manager, and so many helpful co-workers that have taught me so much, and have truly helped me evolve into a confident, knowledgeable sales associate in a matter of two months. Since I began working at Pandora, I have learned so much pertaining to the jewelry industry. I now have gained an immense amount of knowledge on topics like stone settings, precious metals and gemstones, and I am looking forward to gaining more as time goes on.

If you are not familiar, Pandora is a brand of jewelry originated in Copenhagen, Denmark. It offers a wide selection of different types of jewelry, including rings, earrings, and charm bracelets. The brand is most well-known for its charm bracelets, in which you are allowed total creative freedom in creating a bracelet that is meaningful and unique to you. However, in recent years, the Pandora rings have become increasingly popular, especially with teens and young adults.

One of my favorite things about working at Pandora is the dress code. We are all expected to dress monochromatically, by wearing all black every day. Although some people may think it gets too repetitive after a while, I actually love it, and all of the stylish combinations that I have created from already existing pieces in my wardrobe. I usually turn to Madewell or Banana Republic to purchase black pieces if I am ever in need of some new options!

So far, my summer has been truly great, and I owe it to all of my co-workers and management team at Pandora! I have already learned so much, and am looking forward to my future with Pandora, and in the jewelry industry.

Jillian Setek, '21

Just a simple girl who loves fashion, shoes, her family and her cats.