Why You Should Swap Millennial Pink for Lilac This Spring–And 3 Easy Ways to Wear it

After many runway seasons saturated with the color, it’s finally time to retire millennial pink and welcome a new hue to our wardrobes. Lilac is the on-trend color of SS18 and was seen in a multitude of runway shows such as Vetements, Victoria Beckham, and Proenza Schouler. There are garments galore that sport this color in a range of shades and thus a variety of ways to make it wearable. Here’s three ways to start you off:

  1. Be bold.

Rock a frock in the hue. Picture this: you’re headed to the beach in the middle of summer and choose a pale, lilac sun dress which contrasts perfectly against your beautifully tanned skin. Add a pair of sunglasses, sandals and a tote bag to complete this beach look. Opt for a single strap heel and a pair of chandelier earrings and it becomes a more sophisticated look for a nice dinner out.

  1. Leave it to the accessories.

A more discrete way to ease into the trend is incorporating some lilac accessories into a neutral outfit. Everything from hair wraps, to cross-body bags, to ankle boots, and scarves can be found in this color. Lilac also compliments millennial pink, so if you can’t break your old habits just yet, you can at least begin integrating some lilac pieces into your wardrobe.

  1. Incorporate it into your beauty routine.

Both high end and drug store cosmetic brands sell purple-based eyeshadow palettes with colors ranging from deep plums to pale lavenders. Kylie Jenner’s “The Purple Palette” comes to mind, as does Laura Mercier’s “Eye Artist’s Palette” and L.A. Color’s “Matte Eyeshadow—Purple Cashmere.” If you’re not so confident in your ability to do eye makeup, there’s always the option of a lilac manicure.

Despite being an up-and-coming color that hasn’t been particularly prominent in the past, there are plenty of options on how to wear it. Hopefully you’ll feel inspired to ditch the millennial pink and hop on the lilac bandwagon after reading this article.

Rachel Lynch, '19

Fueled by caffeine and online shopping.