Why DVF is the ultimate Girl Boss

Studying? Or browsing DVF fashion? Hmmmmm….

Have you ever fantasized of starting your own fashion line and becoming extremely successful? Let’s all admit that we have all dreamed of achieving this type of success some time or another.

Well for now … let’s get some inspiration from girl boss Diane von Furstenberg, THE American fashion designer, who is one of the ultimate girl bosses.  She has created a fashion empire that has impacted so many.  

By age 29, Diane von Furstenberg (DVF) was on the cover of Newsweek magazine and had produced a dress that sold 5 million copies on its own … what? If that doesn’t inspire you to get moving, then I don’t know what will.  

Not only did she create an iconic dress, she also married a Prince, but she still wanted to have her own success. DVF once said, “I wanted to be an independent woman. A woman who could pay for her own bills and run her own life. And I became that woman.” Girl boss, am I right?

DVF has built an empire around being a powerful woman.

Diane’s iconic wrap dress empowered so many women. It is studied today as a marker of women’s liberation and sexual liberation in the 1970s. Who can say they did that? Not many.   

DVF is what we all aspire to be like, and to add to it she also tries to help other fellow girl bosses. Furstenberg created a foundation called the DVF Awards that recognizes women who also work to empower other women. Will you be one of them?

Recently, Diane von Furstenberg has been winning awards and creating various clothing lines … you know, just doing what girl bosses do.  She received the lifetime achievement award from The Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) and was then named their President.  I guess my medals and trophies from grade school can’t compare!  

Not only has she been winning various awards, but she has launched a children’s wear collection for Gap Kids.  The motive behind her collaboration with Gap Kids is the most impressive part.  DVF said, “The minute a little girl is born, she is already the women she will be.  So, to empower a little girl is to empower the woman she will become.” She is, in my opinion, the definition of a girl boss.

DVF is a woman who carries confidence and power with her wherever she goes.  So, girl bosses … let’s get out there, and do what we do best.  Be strong women!


Casey Phillips, '21

Lover of photography, ice cream and all things fashion. I am probably somewhere online shopping right now.