6 tips for starting the semester off right

A new semester means a new beginning, so let’s start on the right note! This is a time to set goals for yourself. Let’s get into some easy steps on how to kick this semester’s butt.

1. Invest in a planner

A planner helps plan out your days and weeks. You’ll never miss a meeting with a teacher, an assignment or a deadline. This will also help de-stress and better manage your time.

Tip: Right after the new year is a great time for a new planner—they’re discounted!

2. Pick a cute first day outfit

Starting the new semester looking good will help you start the semester feeling good. Set a good first impression for both your professors and new classmates. You never know who you could meet in your next class.

Tip: Pick it out the night before so you don’t spend too much time in the morning looking for the perfect outfit!

3. Get organized

Organizing your dorm or living space will help you stay on track. You’ll never be frantic looking for a book or assignment. Never be late to class because you forgot where you put your key.

Tip: Get a key hook for $3.99 at Marshalls.

4. Practice self care

Yes, school, a social life, and work are important but don’t forget what matters. YOU! You have to take care of yourself. If you need a night to take a bath, use a facemask or make your favorite tea. Take care of you. Get fuzzy socks, a bath bomb, or splurge on a delicious pizza from Dominos. As long as it’s in moderation, you can afford to take an hour away from studying or $20 on pizza.

Tip: Target has all the essentials for self-care. Facemasks and bath bombs for $1. Tea, pizza and any other snack you could imagine. Or even a big sweater and socks. It can all be found at Target.

 5. Get a gym bag

I know many people make the gym a part of their New Year’s resolution, so get a gym bag! If you have a cute bag, filled with all the essentials, you’re already halfway there. Pack a water bottle, a cute pair of sneakers, headphones and maybe a good book. You’re packed & ready to go so you have no excuse to stay home.

Tip: Set your goals small. Make your goal to get to the gym only 3 days a week! Setting realistic goals will help you accomplish more than you’d think.

6. Don’t give up on yourself

It’s easy to get stressed out in college. But don’t give up on yourself before you even try. You’re taking a hard class this semester? Go into it confident. Make time with teachers or be willing to get a tutor. Nothing is determined yet, so this semester is what you make it.

Tip: “You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think” –Winnie the Pooh

This semester is a fresh start. You’ll make new friends, meet new people, and be one step closer to your future, so make the most of it. College is only eight semesters long, so enjoy it while you can and be a boss in the classroom!

Mary Grace Jacobs, '19

You can always find me with a coffee mug in hand, and probably wearing chunky heels. I may be extra, but hey! It’s better than boring.