Fashion lovers give a final goodbye to “Fashion Police”

Monday night marked the end of a cultural milestone in the fashion industry: the series finale of “Fashion Police.” What might have been viewed by some as an insignificant, gossipy, or even cruel television concept, was in fact a pioneer for how social media, reality TV and Hollywood function today.

For those saying “Who cares!?” when it comes to critiquing red carpet fashion, the answer is this: everyone!

Sure, some of the low blows might have stung, but celebs, stylists, and designers alike regularly turned to “Fashion Police” to hear the opinions of the panelists. And no one spoke the truth more than Joan Rivers herself.

In fact, we can credit Joan Rivers for the now-classic red carpet question: “Who are you wearing?” She popularized the idea of giving credit to designers, as well as transforming many award shows into a fashion catwalk, rather than the main focus being the films for which the stars were there to celebrate.

Yes, she was brash and crude….but hilarious at the same time. Her counterparts on the panel – including Guiliana Rancic, George Kotsiopoulos, Kelly Osbourne, Margaret Cho, Brad Goreski, Melissa Rivers, and Nene Leakes – all chimed in with their humor and critiques, but it was Joan that made the show magic.

When she tragically passed away in 2014, “Fashion Police” was never the same. So perhaps, it’s time for the show to retire – but not before leaving behind a legacy that shaped the way we view fashion in the mainstream media today.

The good news for fashion junkies is that there’s plenty of other outlets where we can get all the fashion scoops, rate our best and worst looks, as well as take a crack or two at wardrobe malfunctions. It’s important to stay in the loop with what people are wearing, how they’re wearing it…..and who’s doing it best.

Au Revoir, “Fashion Police.” It’s been a fun and funny ride.

Jennifer Craven

Jennifer Craven is an instructor of fashion merchandising at Mercyhurst University.