Lil’ Kim: Rap Pioneer and Style Icon

Everyone has their personal style icon. For me, it’s Lil Kim….and here’s why…

She first made her mark during the 90’s and showed she wasn’t one to be messed with. Along with proving how hardcore she was, she exhibited her expensive way of living. This expensive lifestyle came in various accessories such as designer belts, floor-length mink coats, and wigs custom made by designers themselves. If that isn’t stylish, I don’t know what is!

Kim not only talked about how expensive she was, she demonstrated it everywhere she went! She is known for wearing close to nothing every time she steps out. So how is this considered style, you may ask? She made it look hot, and she made it acceptable. Today, we see women, especially female artists stepping out looking sexy just as Kim did years ago. Looking back, it’s clear that Kim paved the way for many of the female celebrities we see today.

She introduced nipple pasties and oversized sunglasses that were bigger than her face. But of course, her sunglasses were high fashion brands. She also introduced colorful wigs that she not only wore in her everyday life, but in her music videos too. Remember the “Crush on You” video? Kim sported green, red, even yellow wigs! No other hip-hop artist was experimenting with such bold colors.

Kim wasn’t like every artist that bragged about their designer clothing. She had a very close relationship with various designers such as the late Alexander McQueen, Marc Jacobs, and Donatella Versace. In fact, Donatella custom made a wig specifically for Kim that was marked with the Versace symbol over it. To date, Kim is still very close with designers, even appearing at their fashion shows.

Because of Kim’s raunchy lyrics and explicit style, she paved the way for the female artists that we see and hear now. Without her confidence and boob bouncing outfits, I think anyone would agree that Kim set the bar 20 years ago. And it’s these reasons that I consider Lil Kim a style icon and trendsetter.

Deja Cummins, '21

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