Vans: the heart and “sole” of my shoe world


Everyone has their number one choice of shoe, whether for comfort or making a statement. Vans are my number one choice. If you were to see me in the street, I would more than likely be rocking the classic style that is the Van Era silhouette. Vans are the best fall-back shoe that can go with just about any outfit choice. Dress them up with a cute skater dress or dress them down with a pair of ripped jeans and graphic tee. The brand may come in simple designs, but the variety of styles poses a challenge of just which one to buy.

In the beginning, there was the original silhouette, style #44, The Authentic. The slick style featured simple colors and fun patterns. These shoes define what the Vans company is all about. With their casual low top ankle and lace-up front, these shoes are the classic you can always trust.

The Authentic

Next comes a similar silhouette with added comfort for the ankle. This silhouette is style #95, The Era shoe. These shoes come in a variety of colors and patterns as well, but add a fun pattern on the inside for extra personality. There is also the padded ankle to ensure better comfort for the consumer, and who could say no to that?

The Era

The third classic silhouette is Style #36, the Old Skool. This included a revolutionary detail addition that becomes a lovely trademark for future generations of shoes. What started out as a simple scribble referred to as a “jazz stripe” has become an iconic mark for so many costumers. It keeps the classic low ankle and lace-up front that has been loved for years.

The Old Skool

The fourth popular silhouette for the company is Style #98, the Classic Slip-on. Considered to be a timeless style, the slip-on creates another slick silhouette while also using an easier design for putting shoes on. A canvas cover that holds a variety of patterns and colors and elastic side panels for easy access are wonderful. The perfect on-the-go shoe.

The Classic Slip-On

The fifth and final silhouette that is considered to be a classic is Style #38, known as the Sk8-Hi. This style also showcases the trademark Vans side stripe. The silhouette has shifted from the low ankle to the stylish high top that was both functional and fashionable. High tops were the drastic change in silhouette that caught the eyes of many devoted Vans followers.

The Sk8-Hi

My number one choice of Vans will always be the original Authentic style. I love nothing but the slick style of the basic deck shoe. Even as a non-skater I still find a comfort and style in the skater company that is Vans. So, whether you’re a skater or not, which classic silhouette would you choose?


Katy Vaccariello, '21

Even though I was born and raised in central Ohio - a location known for the massive Amish population - you’ll quickly learn I never belonged there. I'm constantly told I have too many clothes, but how can you be a fashion major without the passion?