Interning in NYC: My Experience

My first day in NYC.

After working almost full-time this summer as a sales lead, when I arrived in New York the thought of not having a job or internship was daunting. I really enjoyed the time off and the chance to explore the city that first week, but once I had officially arrived in one of the world’s best cities for fashion I couldn’t wait to find my place in the industry.

After skimming through various internship websites and databases, I found a posting for a public relations intern on, at a company called EB Consults. I submitted my resume and sent an email with my resume attached to Emily Bungert, the contact on the posting. She responded right away and asked if I was available for an interview. Later that week I interviewed with Emily and her business partner Stefanie, and landed the internship!

My first week at EB Consults was New York Fashion Week and let me tell you there is nothing like being thrown into your first week of work during that particular time. As a fashion PR firm, EB Consults specializes in brand consultation and development, as well as providing social media services and producing fashion shows.

So that week I had to juggle school, my internship, and all of these Fashion Week Events. During the day we would prep for the events by fielding emails from guests and compiling lists of who was allowed access to the show and who was allowed access backstage. At the events we would work back-of-house check-in which included press, and the hair and makeup teams. Then we would move to the front and check-in the guests.

My backstage pass for The Blonds fashion show during NYFW.

The biggest show I worked was for a pair of designers that EB represents called “The Blonds.” At that show there were a ton of celebrity guests and it was so cool to see them in person. Paris Hilton, Cardi B, and Rachel Lindsay were among the VIP’s in attendance, just to name a few.

After Fashion Week had concluded, the hectic schedule died down, but the work was far from over. Now it was our responsibility to search, clip, and compile all of the media coverage for the clients we represent. That meant days of going through Instagram feeds, Google searches, and tagged posts to ensure that the most important press was not missed.

All of this information including follower counts and average monthly website visits, was compiled into wrap reports that could be sent to the clients. EB is a really small agency with only four people working there including myself, so even though they only represent about eight different brands, it was still a ton of work.

Now that it’s October and the Fashion Week work is finally coming to a close, they have begun to train me on operating the social media accounts. I’ve been learning everything from how to create content that works for the brand’s aesthetic to creating posting schedules, and I am loving every minute of it.

We also work with stylists who come to our showroom and pull items from our clients’ most recent collections for celebrities to wear for events, as well as editorial pieces. One of the things I love most about my internship is that no day is exactly the same. There is always something happening and that keeps it interesting.

An Instagram post I helped work on for Anon Atelier (Also those are my legs).

A piece of advice I would offer future MU fashionistas coming to NYC, is to try an internship with a smaller company. A flashy name might sound cool and chic, but the experience at a smaller company has so many benefits. I love working for a small agency. They are extremely flexible about working around my school schedule, and they make me feel like my presence is genuinely appreciated. I love being able to learn so much about social media and the public relations field by working so closely with my bosses, who have a lot of experience and a ton to teach me.

My internship is unpaid, but I love being there so much that I don’t even mind. That is how you know you are truly happy with what you are doing and where you are. That is really the most important thing.

Another tip: don’t be afraid to venture outside of your comfort zone. When I realized my internship would require a 20 minute commute via subway to Brooklyn, I was intimidated. However, it has given me a chance to explore a different part of the city, and most importantly taught me how to navigate it!

My internship has by far been the best part of my NYC experience so far and I can’t wait to see what the rest of the semester has in store!

Kristin Haas, '18

Typical fashion major diagnosed with a serious shopping addiction. Currently chasing my dreams in NYC, but always a Laker at heart.