So you wanna be a girl boss?

Be a goal digger.

In honor of Bosses Day, this coming Monday, October 16, who better to highlight than the epitome of Girl Boss – Anna Wintour.

When I think of a girl boss who is completely fabulous and is a force to be reckoned with in the fashion world, Anna Wintour immediately comes to mind. Not only is she the editor-in-chief of Vogue, but in her spare time she was also made a dame by Queen Elizabeth.

Being a woman in this world can be hard work, but we all have a little girl boss in us just dying to come out. We have so many fantastic girl bosses, such as Anna, to look up to…but how did this inspiring woman get to be such a boss?

Here’s 10 must-do steps to reach that ultimate girl boss status.

  1. Work hard
  2. Stand out
  3. Make a change
  4. Don’t stick to the status quo
  5. Create your own signature look (Sunglasses and a perfectly groomed bob look is already taken)
  6. Take charge of your own life
  7. Be confident
  8. Bring new ideas to the table
  9. Don’t let other people influence your decisions
  10. Most importantly, don’t lose sight of yourself

These rules apply to more than just Anna Wintour because she is definitely not the only fierce girl boss in the world – she just happens to take the fashion industry by storm with all that she has done over the years.

It is inspiring to see that Anna never lets anyone get in her head even though not everyone has the nicest things to say about her. She continues being her fabulous self. I think she is a solid role model and one of the most amazing girl bosses ever.

One of the many reasons I admire Anna is that I have never seen her look even remotely unkempt or waver in any way. She always looks perfect and carries herself with so much confidence which makes her seem intimidating, but that is not always a bad thing. She gets what she wants because she works hard and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

The thing is even though there can only be one Anna Wintour (sorry guys…I know, I kind of want to be her too), there can be more girl bosses. All women have the potential to have that same force of power and confidence to take over the fashion world.

There are girl bosses closer to us than we think. Our very own Mercyhurst Fashion Department has one pretty cool commander-in-chief who is just as awesome as Anna Wintour (perfect bob – minus the bangs – included).

Anna Wintour may not smile, but this Girl Boss does!
Katie Summers, '20

Just a girl who loves fashion so much, she is willing to put up with the freezing weather in Erie, PA.