3 tips for maximizing dorm room space

It’s that time of year again when August comes around and we pack up our lives to move back into our second homes at school. Everyone wants to have the perfect room with the perfect decorations to make their home away from home as comforting as it can be. Not to mention an environment that you enjoy being in is what will allow you to be successful!

There is always the struggle of trying to figure out how to get everything to fit into your room, and do it in a way where your room still looks put together as well as being able to offer you an ample amount of storage space. It’s a balance that usually takes a couple weeks to figure out, but I have some tips to hopefully allow you to find this balance quickly.


Little cube ottomans are the perfect way to add to a room while supplying you with many uses. Cube ottomans with a removable top offer storage space within the cube, as well as can be used for a friend to sit on when they come over to hangout. Bonus: if you have a high lofted bed, now you have a way to easily get into bed.

Some ottomans even have a tray when you turn the lid upside down, which can also give you a place to put your phone and a water bottle at night, and can work like a nightstand. These pieces are very versatile and you will get a lot of use out of them. I have a black one I LOVE, and use it to keep scarfs and other accessories in.

Loft your bed:

Lofting your bed is always a good idea especially at school. Most people know this trick already that allows them storage space underneath their bed. But sometimes you don’t want to stare at all that stuff under there and want things to look more concealed. An easy fix for this is a bed skirt/curtain.

Depending on how high up your bed is you can get a simple bed skirt or if it’s higher use a curtain. By simply putting a friction rod up in between your bed posts and hanging a matching curtain it makes your room look even more put together.


Although the idea of bringing in more furniture isn’t always an intriguing idea to people who already have a small living space, I promise this is a purchase you won’t regret.

Get a tall book shelf, about as wide as your bed and put it up against the wall where your bed will be. Then put your bed in front of it. Not only did you just fill that sad empty space above your bed, but now you have a nightstand, shoe shelves, and extra storage.

I would suggest finding a bookshelf that allows you to use the space that is under your bed for keeping your shoes, and the space above your bed to keep your alarm clock, charging station, as well as any other things that need a home. You can also get cute, matching basket to put on the shelves so things look even neater.

If you want to look into any other good ideas you can check out Pinterest for lots of inspiration. I hope these couple of tips and tricks help you to get a jump start on making your dorm a place that is organized, cute, and a place you love to be!

Natalie Thompson, '20

The epitome of a girly-girl, lover of art, and addicted to fashion.