A new school year is upon us…here’s how to start it off right

It is finally bittersweet end of August and our minds are turning from pool parties to textbooks. The feeling of knowing you’ll see your college friends soon mixed with leaving your friends and family from home causes mixed emotions among college students. To help save precious time and avoid stress filled nights, here are some tips on getting back into a school mindset.

Organization is the most important thing that you could take away from any advice on getting back into a school mindset. I make a million lists which helps me to prioritize and make time for things that need to be done before heading back to campus. This can help you start to remember what a deadline is (I know, it’s been a while) and help you feel less anxious and more excited to head back to school! Starting to pack earlier rather than later, getting a head start on ordering textbooks, and dealing with any loose ends automatically helps me look forward to the new semester rather than hide from responsibilities.

 Now for the best part of back to school, shopping!! Back to school shopping is something I look forward to every year and helps me adjust to starting back up in classes. Finding cute new booties and your next favorite pair of jeans will help you get back into a new mindset of the new semester. This can also give you something to look forward to or even be treated as a reward for being on top of your game this summer!

 It may be a bittersweet next couple of weeks that leave you feeling stressed and uneasy but with these tips on getting back into a school mindset, you will hopefully adjust to this semester much more easily!


Gabby Huff, '20

Fashion fanatic from Western New York who is happiest when taking on the world with a cup of coffee in one hand and a shopping bag in the other.