My Summer Internship at The Democrat and Chronicle


This summer I’ve had the fantastic opportunity of interning at the media company/newspaper, The Democrat and Chronicle, in the consumer marketing department. I work directly under the Lead Sales Manager and Consumer Marketing Manager. I get to do a lot of fun stuff and then, of course, not a lot of fun stuff.

I interviewed for this internship right around Easter this past spring and received my offer letter a few weeks later. My friends can all vouch for how relieved I was when I got that offer letter one Wednesday morning. I also want to add that I applied to about 50+ internships all around and got an interview at only two companies including D&C, so my advice is to not ever give up on applications!

My weekends are pretty much dedicated to festivals in and around Rochester, NY, and being in charge of engagement with the crowd. Essentially, I just get to goof around and have fun with the people who stop at our booth. During the 10-day long Rochester Jazz Festival, I got to play with the virtual reality goggles for 5+ hours and at other events I get to play corn hole and mini golf all day. Those events are where I get to have a little more fun because there’s no pressure there.

When I’m in the office I do all of the typical intern duties: I keep track of the Facebook ads that we boost, drink lots of (free) coffee, send e-mails and organize the storage closet. I was told in my interview that the storage closet would become my project for the summer and man, was she right. I think I go in there for something every single day I’m in the office, sometimes longer than others. I could probably just put a cot in there and call that my home because I’m in there so often.

I work super closely with the digital sales team for our weekly phone calls and brainstorming calls, with the client strategy team and the newsroom. I get to interact with a whole bunch of different departments here at the D&C and I get to make connections from all over.

If I could give a bit of advice to everyone who is looking for an internship or even in an internship now, just work the hardest you possibly can. If you absolutely love it at your company and want to stay there after you graduate or if you totally hate it, be the hardest working person there. Being the first one in and one of the last ones to leave with a smile on your face goes a really long way.

I am so happy working here at this company and I can’t imagine being anywhere else this summer.

Vasiliki Bitsas, '18

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