For graduating seniors, Hurst will always be home

This past Sunday, another class of Mercyhurst fashion majors walked across the stage to receive their diplomas.  The four years go fast, and before we all know it, the students we have come to know and love are leaving the Hurst and heading out into the world for their next journey.  It’s a pleasure to become part of our students’ lives, and we couldn’t be prouder of each of them.

Many of our students keep in touch – we hope you will too! – and like to leave a final set of words of wisdom for the students behind them.  Here’s just a few snipits of what this year’s seniors had to say upon graduating from Mercyhurst…

Natalie Abbate:  Something that I would say to current students is to enjoy it while it lasts and be as involved as possible. Your time at MU is going to go by crazy fast, so take advantage of everything you can see and do through the University- especially if it’s free!

Caitlin Reddington: I’ll miss my friends and the close knit community at MU the most. I’d tell underclassmen to get involved as much as possible and make the most of your MU experience!

Dayana Moncada: Be who you needed when you were younger. Take advantage of all the great things MU has to offer. Remember, you’re the owner of your own happiness and destiny.

Kaylyn Clover: Don’t try to be perfect.  I promise failing at something is ok, it makes you who you are. Good luck ladies and I am going to miss you guys so much!!

Megan Reindl: I would have to say that going to FIT for the year made it difficult for me to participate in a lot of the senior activities such as the bar crawls, spring fest, and the senior dinner, but it was a great experience and I wouldn’t have done anything different because it allowed me to experience a completely different environment and way of life. I’m grateful I got to live in NYC for a year and to get to experience going to a school where everyone loves the same things as you do and has similar career interests!

Gabby Stepanovic: Follow your passion, stay true to yourself, and cherish the time spent with your friends. Time flies!

We will miss all of you so much. Best of luck in wherever life leads you!

Love, your fashion department faculty: Amy, Jen, Erin, and Ashlee

Jennifer Craven

Jennifer Craven is an instructor of fashion merchandising at Mercyhurst University.