Fashion alert to all J.Crew lovers

I’m a lifelong J.Crew lover.

Attention all J.Crew lovers. There’s a shakeup in the works…

J.Crew icon, Jenna Lyons, has officially announced that she will be leaving her title as creative director and president of the company.

To any lover of this retailer, myself included, it is shocking to hear that the women who is known for her twist on classic prep-wear is stepping down. Jenna is admired in the fashion industry for bringing a colorful, chic edge to a preppy catalog brand since she joined the J.Crew team in 1990.

She raised the brand image of J.Crew and took regular styles to a whole other level by popularizing denim, neon colors, sequins and statement necklaces into every day looks. Jenna Lyons changed the game of fashion and ultimately is the creative mind behind J.Crew’s image today.

However, the booming sales and fashion twist didn’t last. Jenna Lyons’ iconic style started to lose interest for many shoppers. J.Crew started to battle a two-year slump in sales and a debt of $2 billion that was pinpointed on decreasing quality and increasing prices.

Although sales are falling, J.Crew still has the potential to make a comeback with the high number of its loyal fans. Looking into my closet, J.Crew styles take up the majority the space. Personally, I love the preppy look that J.Crew offers and will always be a fan of the retail brand.

J.Crew has announced that Somsack Sikhounmuong, the current head of design for Madewell, will be taking Jenna Lyons’ place. Sikhounmuong has successfully transformed Madewell into being a popular every day wear retailer.

What does this mean for J.Crew? Will Sikhounmuong have the capability to bring back J.Crew’s original sales and profit? As a J.Crew shopper, I’m excited to see the brand evolve under the new creative director. I believe J.Crew has the potential to make a comeback in the fashion retail world if it is willing to go back to what it originally sold.

Tori McLaughlin, '20

A Rochester, NY native who is obsessed with blue and plaid, and also has a serious impulse to buy anything with pineapples on it.