Erin’s Visual Merchandising Class takes on Old Navy

The Visual Merchandising class had the opportunity to create visual displays for Old Navy’s women’s section. This opportunity taught all of us a lot. Whether that was how important paying attention to detail is or how much you do not want to go into a career that is heavily focused on visuals. This was especially great for people who have not had any retail experience.

“I’ve never had any retail experience and doing this Old Navy project gave me an insight to what it takes to create a visual display. It also taught me how to improvise when product isn’t there,” said sophomore Darby Hetrick.

The class was divided into five different groups and they each had their own “shops” to recreate. Each group was given a planogram and had to create what was given to them. Some groups had all the necessary props and merchandise, others had to improvise.

Overall, I think that we all learned a lot from the experience the team at Old Navy gave us. We thank them for letting us come in and taking over the women’s department.

Alyssa Blankenship, '18

I love spending time with my family and friends, but I never turn down an opportunity for some "me" time or retail therapy. Guacamole, fashion and my friends have shaped me into the person that I am today.