Why I consider Rachel Zoe my “Career Idol”

As a freshman in college, I only have a slight idea about what I want to do with my life. There are so many options within the fashion industry. So many things interest me, I can’t just pick one!

Throughout the last year, I have been thinking a lot about careers, and what I may be interested in. I want to be able to do a lot in life, and with hard work and dedication, it is truly possible to do that. But first, I must step outside my comfort zone.

Not too long ago, I found out about a woman, whose career journey intrigues me very much. She has so many roles in the world today, and has climbed her way up the ladder in the fashion industry by being tough and bold, from stylist, to editor, to designer, and CEO, these only being some of the positions she still holds today.

That woman is none other than Rachel Zoe. I now hold Rachel Zoe to be what I call my “career role model.” She is a big inspiration for me, and here’s why…

Stylist. Editor. Designer. CEO. These are all positions I would like to hold one day. My ultimate goal in life is to have my own fashion label, and I’ve been trying to think of names for years.

Funny story: at one point, I thought I would use my initials – MK. Then one day at the store I saw those initials on a T-shirt, and I told my mom that someone stole my idea, before it even became a thing. I was only ten, by the way.

My mom laughed and said, “That’s Michael Kors, honey.” Since then I’ve come up with new potential names. I’m still working on logos, though.

I have this Nintendo DS game called Style Savvy, which I played a lot when I was younger, and I’m guilty of playing it now too, whenever I have time. In the game, I was a stylist who had her own boutique. Ever since I got into the game, I’ve wanted to be a stylist, picking out outfits for customers, and making them feel good about their purchase, and that’s exactly what Rachel Zoe did, as both a freelance stylist, and Nine West sales associate. She got to know her clients and customers, and used details about them to find the right items for them.

When Rachel turned to freelance work, she styled many famous music stars and actresses. She got to attend all the fun celebrity events, and hang out with celebrities as if they were best friends. I personally don’t like the spotlight, but I would love to try out that job one day.

Throughout high school I loved helping my mom and friends pick out outfits for events. My friends and I used to do photoshoots for fun, and I even worked on the fashion page for my senior yearbook.

I did yearbook for three years in high school, and that got me interested in editing. It was because of yearbook that I decided to pick up a Graphic Design minor.

Rachel Zoe was senior fashion editor of YM, a teen magazine, a couple of years out of college. Because of her position, she was able to travel the world and network with managers, publicists, and talent agents, which became very beneficial to her once she decided to go freelance. I would love to one day be a stylist and editor for a fashion magazine and experience all the opportunities Rachel has.

After a while, Rachel Zoe launched her own collection and online newsletter. She became an iconic entrepreneur in the styling world and fashion industry. I don’t want to be as famous as she is, but I would like to be well-known, so that one day I can make a real name for myself in the fashion industry. Rachel’s story also gives me hope of becoming a designer who didn’t actually go to design school.

One of the most important things I’ve learned from Rachel Zoe is that it’s okay not to have a plan for your career, and that if you do have a plan, it’s okay if it doesn’t go as exactly as you thought it would.

Rachel started out as a shoe sales associate, and was a waitress who studied psychology and sociology. After college, she made her way up in fashion. This could happen to any one of us, and I think it’s important for everyone to go with the flow and not worry if things don’t turn out as planned, because everything happens for a reason and if you’re meant to do what you have planned, then you’ll do it.

I’m so glad I found out about Rachel Zoe and her career journey. She gives me hope for my fashion career.

Maggie Kovach, '20

I'm a bilingual music enthusiast who loves to travel, mix patterns, and eat falafels.