Get ready for spring with these 6 hot trends

Lace Lace In Your Face

Lace is here to stay. This elegant trend has been on the runway for multiple seasons now and is slowly becoming a classic detail for many designs. What was once an elegant detail is now a mainstream necessity in every woman’s closet.

Flare Up Your Sleeves

Forgot arm day? Do not fret, because flare sleeves are here to save the day. The loose sleeve can hide the fact that you missed a day at the gym! This bohemian style is taking over the runways and is a style that is here to stay.

Designers for these upcoming trends have been focusing on loose silhouettes and that includes our sleeves. So be prepared to have your sleeves flowing with the wind. #freethearms

Off the Shoulder

For this upcoming spring and summer, make sure your shoulders are ready to be the main point of your outfit. What used to be known as a scandalous look is now becoming trendy – shoulders are all the rage.

If you haven’t already, go out and buy yourself an off the shoulder top and be the fashion leader of your group.

Red Hot

Red is the summer trend, and I don’t just mean our sunburn. Spring and summer of 2017 will be memorable with this bold trend. Whether it is just an accessory, a pattern, or your entire outfit is red, people will be able to see your trendy style. Go out and make a bold statement (and of course wear sunblock as always).

Ahoy Sea-Stripes Ahead

Imagine you are sitting at the beach under a striped canopy. Imagine no longer! Sea-stripes are the next big thing for the upcoming spring and summer. Whether it’s a dress, or a two piece set, these stripes are a definite go-to outfit that every woman should have in her closet.

In this pattern, you will be able to reminisce all the times you were out at the beach enjoying your summer! It’ll be striptastic!

Sheer Genius

Get your share of sheer, cause we are all about it! Sheer is not new to us, but these designs have been kicked up a notch. Sheer everything! Traditionally, sheer is used as an overlay layer on a solid color fabric. This trend is certainly for an elegant and sophisticated woman.

Connor Northup, '20

Your typical small town girl with big dreams. I like drawing, reading, playing soccer, and of course fashion.