The ’90s are back in a big way

Since I was born in 1998, I did not experience the ‘90s lifestyle or rock the fashion trends. The ‘90s were filled with edge, punk, grunge, boy band obsessions and this was very prominent in the fashion trends.

However, even though I did not wear the ‘90s styles when they were popular, I am starting to see those fashion trends pop up in my present day wardrobe. Some of the comeback trends that I have noticed are choker necklaces, off the should tops, button up skirts and mom jeans. These styles have been modernized to be appealing to our present day looks and desires.

Choker Necklaces

Chokers, Then

In the ‘90s choker necklaces were a perfect accessory to add a bit of grunge and goth to your favorite look. In 2016, this style has made its way back, but with a modern twist. Choker necklaces still add an edge to outfits, but it has been turned into a street style look. A choker is a great accessory for a night out, a concert or just for an everyday look.

Off-the-Shoulder Tops

Off-the-Shoulders, Then
Off-the-Shoulders, Now

In the ‘90s, off-the-shoulder tops were tighter fitting and tended to be cropped for the most part. However, in 2016 off-the-shoulder tops have varied into many different styles. These styles include dresses, jumpsuits, blouses and even swimwear. For a more flirty and girly look, choose an off-the-shoulder top!

Button-up Skirts

Skirts, Then
Skirts, Now

Button up skirts started as denim skirts in the ‘90s. It was a simple, casual look with buttons going down the front of the skirt. Today, these have evolved into other fabrics including corduroy and suede. In 2016, the fashion world has taken this simple ‘90s trend and has made it into a trendy and edgy street style look. Fashionistas today pair the skirt with a leather jacket and black booties to add a modern taste to the style.

Mom Jeans

Jeans, Then
Jeans, Now

Mom jeans are high-waisted, washed out denim jeans. Throughout the ‘90s mom jeans were said to be unfashionable and unflattering to the figure. In 2016, mom jeans are still perceived as this, but they have become more chic and accepted into the fashion world. Pairing the jeans with a cropped sweater gives emphasis to the hips to avoid the long, flat look.


The ‘90s are definitely back. The fashion styles popular during that decade are reappearing in our current day wardrobes, which leads me to ask…what 90’s trends are you wearing?


Tori McLaughlin, '20

A Rochester, NY native who is obsessed with blue and plaid, and also has a serious impulse to buy anything with pineapples on it.