A visit from our “New Yorkers”

On Friday, nine of the twelve Mercyhurst fashion seniors currently studying at FIT this year returned to campus to share their NYC experiences with the department.

“It feels weird to be back,” one noted, expressing the stark differences between Mercyhurst and FIT. While they were still on their holiday break, the students graciously agreed to speak to underclassmen about the FIT visiting student program – everything from what it’s like to live in the Big Apple, to classes, to the adjustment of such new surroundings.

Much of the conversation revolved around the various internships that many of the seniors completed this past fall semester.

A few included the following:

Caitlin Reddington interned with New York Girl Style magazine. “I wrote 4-5 articles a week for them on topics like, fashion, beauty and interior design,” she said. “I also managed their Instagram and Twitter.”

Natalie Abbate is continuing her fall internship this spring with CeCe Sportswear. “It’s a new women’s clothing line that is sold in department stores under the Bernard Chaus company,” Natalie explained. “Some of my day to day responsibilities are sending copy information to vendors, handling the showroom samples, and input the buys into our system.”

Other internships included PR firm Full Picture, and designer denim company DL1961.

All agreed that their experiences have been invaluable and that they’ve learned so much from both living in NYC and studying at FIT. Many plan to stay in the city after graduation this spring.  Underclassmen greatly benefit from hearing these first-hand experiences, and many make connections that can lead them to career opportunities in the future.

Thank you to the students who took the time to visit and speak to the department! We look forward to seeing you all again in May for graduation!

Jennifer Craven

Jennifer Craven is an instructor of fashion merchandising at Mercyhurst University.