5 suitable boots for Erie’s winter wonderland

Now that the first major snow in Erie is under our belts (and feet), some of us have realized we are stuck without an appropriate pair of winter boots. With Erie averaging 100 inches of snow in a year and awful wind chills on top of that, we have to adjust to this so-called “Winter Wonderland.”

Finding a boot that is warm, has traction and is somewhat fashionable, is a major challenge. If you find yourself needing to purchase this type of footwear, here are five winter boots that will not only prevent frostbite, but also prevent any falling as you walk to class.

UGG Adirondack II

The first pair of boots I suggest is made by UGG Australia. Before you think I am crazy, let me explain myself.  I am NOT telling you to buy the classic pair of UGGs.  Instead, I am suggesting for you to purchase the UGG Adirondack Boot.  This waterproof boot made out of leather, suede, and wool, will keep you warm in -20° weather and on your feet because of the tread on the bottom. The price of $225 is scary for a poor college student, but these boots are worth it. The Adirondack is offered in many different colors, so you and your best friend could both have this cute boot.


The brand Sorel has come a long way with modernizing and making its footwear fashionable. I know my father has a pair of Sorel boots for men, and they are far from fashionable.  These duck boot designed shoes are waterproof and lined with microfleece.  Durable and cute, you can buy the wine pair of boots at Journey’s for $110 and the taller tan pair for $130.

Muck Boot Company

The name of the brand says it all, Muck boots are made to “muck” around outdoors. Not the cutest pair of boots, Muck creates boots that are meant to be worn in bad weather conditions.  With a rubber sole and neoprene upper, these boots keep your feet warm in -20° conditions and provide enough traction for you to stay upright when walking from class to class.  I’ve owned a pair of Muck boots ever since I was little and have not been disappointed.  Prices start around $50, but it all depends on the height and style of the boot you are purchasing.

The North Face

Many of us wear The North Face coats but forget the brand also offers footwear. With most winter boot trends including fur or the duck boot style, there are not many differences between boots besides overall look, color, and designer.  This pair of The North Face boots (Thermoball Utility Mid Boots) is priced at $120 with a free lifetime warranty to any damage that could happen.

L.L. Bean

 L.L. Bean, famous for the original handcrafted duck boot, are leaders in the boot industry. All around campus you can see people wearing some form of this rubber, leather “Bean” boot.  The classic duck boot that is shearling lined is one of L.L. Bean’s top sellers.  Giving warmth, traction and great fashion, this boot is reliable and worth the $220.  To be different from the classic tan and dark brown boot, you can purchase almost the same boot from Keen at L.L. Bean.  Keen values and believes in the same concept as L.L. Bean – products that are guaranteed to last.  This winter boot costs $130.

So until the weather breaks, I hope to see you sporting these boots around campus!

Caitlyn Lechene, '20

You can find me shopping, sleeping, eating or thinking about cats.