Looking back at my Fall Internship

When I decided to come to FIT for my senior year, one of the things I was most excited to do was get an internship. I have to admit, in Erie, we’re a little more limited than here in the Big Apple.

I started looking for internships at the end of June and throughout July. You could say I was eager to lock one down. I ended up receiving an internship for the fall semester with an online magazine called New York Girl Style. I found my internship on freefashioninternships.com and it was very easy to apply. I heard back about a week later, which was actually a lot sooner than I was expecting, and my interview was done over the phone.

My internship is actually done remotely, which means anyone can do it, no matter where you’re located. This probably sounds ironic since one of the reasons a lot of students like coming to FIT is to gain intern experience. But it turns out, there are perks being located in the city!

I was able to attend the KYBOE! fashion show at NYFW.

Through my internship I was able to attend the Kyboe! show for Fashion Week (a luxury watch brand), go to an OK Magazine event, and cover an event at a hair salon called Sahag Workshop. Oh, and another good thing about not going into an office for my internship—I’m not stuck doing typical intern jobs like getting coffee. But hey, I’m sure I’ll have to do that at least once this spring semester.

Outside the venue for some of New York Fashion Week shows.

For daily tasks, I wrote about four to five articles a week for the website. Topics ranged from style and beauty, to events going on in New York and interior design. I also helped manage the magazine’s Twitter and Instagram accounts, so I posted a few times a day on each of those.

Models at the Sahag Workshop event.

I wasn’t expecting to have an internship done completely online, but it was a great experience! Since online editorial is becoming a lot more popular, I’m glad I had the opportunity to try it out.

Caitlin Reddington, '17

When I'm not wishing I was at Disneyland, you can find me watching Friends or Full House.  I also own too many floral dresses, scarves, and listen to a lot of TSwift music, but who's keeping track?