7 Tips for Surviving the Dreaded Finals Week

The semester is coming to a close and all the stands between you and your beloved holiday break is a few (or many) final exams. Here’s a few of my sure-fire tips to help you get through what the next few days has in store.


The absolute worst thing you can do before taking your final exams is to panic and stress. This will only lead to horrible breakouts, headaches, and lack of sleep. Finals week is really nothing to freak out about, so relax and take a breath…you will be okay.

2. Get Organized

Taking the time to plan out your schedule can really do a lot for you, even in the smallest way. Map out what exams you have on what day to avoid confusion and any unnecessary stress. Create study guides for all courses on key information, and review them periodically throughout the week before the exam. Doing this will make things a lot simpler to review when the exam finally comes, and the information will already be implanted in your brain.

Organized notes are KEY to effective studying.

3. Take Some Nights Off

We all know that college is the time to go out and have fun on the weekends, and sometimes, even on the weeknights too. Avoid doing this at all costs, until your exams are officially over. It will be worth your while to celebrate after you just aced all of your finals. Don’t worry, you will not miss out on anything if you stay in a few nights (that guy will still be there to talk to the next time), and you have your whole college years to go out and party. You will not miss anything.

4. Review Sessions

If some of your professors are taking time out of their busy lives to help you, please take them up on it. Office hours and review sessions can be your best friend if you let them. This is the time to go over any unclear information, ask questions, and get a better understanding of the content before the exams. This is extremely beneficial and worth every minute.

Reviewing with classmates can help shed a new perspective on course material.

5. Get Some Rest

A good night sleep is always important. Don’t spend your time stressing, and trying to cram all of the information into your tired brains all at once. If you find yourself studying at 2 a.m., drop everything and go to bed. Sleep is much more important and is proven to help you retain information.

6. Eat a Good Breakfast

Studies have been shown that eating a nutritious breakfast can help improve concentration and performance – must-haves for finals week. Don’t show up to an exam on an empty stomach.

There are many spots in the library that serve as good study areas.

7. During the Exams

Pace yourself, you are in no rush. Read every question thoroughly until you understand what is being asked. Don’t be afraid to ask the professor questions if something is unclear. Lastly, answer all short response questions in depth. Most of the time if you can back yourself up, you will end up getting more points. In fashion, sometimes we say “less is more,” but that’s not the case when it comes to your responses on final exams.


I know it is a stressful time for all college students, but hopefully these tips will help a little bit. Just remember, breathe…it’s not as scary as it seems! Best of luck to all of my fellow Lakers this week!

Isabella Stephan, '19

Struggling college student who happens to be a lover of travel, cozy sweaters, and all things dogs. I can recite all ten seasons of Friends, and if I had a choice, I’d never leave my bed.