Getting Chilly? Grab a Scarf!


It’s finally that time of the year everyone – the time of year where you can pull out your scarves to dress up an outfit for both warmth and style! Scarves are another accessory that can really pull an outfit together. While scarves are used mostly for warmth in the wintertime, they are used mostly for fashion during the fall season, and are a great way to transition your summer outfits into fall outfits!

Color coordination is very important when putting together any outfit, so with scarves, it isn’t hard to find the right one for your outfit when you think about what you want to do with your outfit.

Do you want it to be red, white and blue themed? Do you want a neutral-colored outfit that has a pop of color added to it? Or do you just want to match your shoes to your outfit?

Neutral colors like black and gray can never do you wrong, just like classic blue jeans. You can get away with wearing some of your brighter summer tops if you tone them down with a neutral scarf.


Sometimes a scarf can pull together two hues of the same color. For instance, a pink tank and a maroon cardigan can be worn at the same time thanks to a scarf whose color falls in between those two shades.


Patterned scarves are nice because they can go with so many other basic, solid-colored tops. The fact that it is multicolored makes it easy to pair with just about anything. It is always good to have this type of scarf in your wardrobe. Additionally, an infinity style makes it easy to just throw on and make your outfit look effortlessly put together.


Finally, don’t be afraid to include some texture or bulk to your scarves. Sometimes it’s those little details that make a plain, boring scarf extra unique.

There is an infinite amount of ways to dress up an outfit, even when it comes to scarves. Not only can you play around with patterns, colors, textures, and fabrics, but you can also tie your scarves in many different ways, giving you a variety of ways to change an outfit, solely based on how the scarf is worn. My personal favorites are the infinity style and basic loop styles. They’re two styles that will never get old.

So, next time you think your outfit may be too bland, add a scarf!

Maggie Kovach, '20

I'm a bilingual music enthusiast who loves to travel, mix patterns, and eat falafels.