Application-based learning: Our visit to a local screen printer


What better way to start out your day than screen printing your very own t-shirt! And on a Friday? Double whammy!

This past week, I was able to experience first-hand the process behind silk screening at Creative Imprint Systems. I can personally vouch that it was a trip I will always remember. Sometimes, sitting through lectures, information can go in one ear and right out the other, but being able to learn through activity allows for students to retain an abundance of information.


Not only did we have the opportunity to delve deeper into our course material for textiles but we learned that there is an immense amount of work behind the garments we take for granted every day.

I found the process for creating the design to be particularly interesting. Creative Imprint Systems works closely with different companies through a series of computer processing systems to achieve the desired art print, and it is then transferred through a very intricate method to the screen.


There is quite a large amount of work to be done, requiring all compartments of the manufacturing company to work together. Not only is the process labor intensive and team-work oriented but physically silk-screening garments is an arm workout!

I am so very pleased my classmates and I were able to experience something so exciting, informative and hands-on, further adding to our textiles knowledge.

Jessica Trach, '19

Independent, intrinsically motivated lover of fashion and travel. Trendy with a sprinkle of all things chic.