So, You Wanna Be Parisian?


Anyone who knows me, or even follows me on social media knows that I spent last semester in the absolutely breathtaking city of Paris, France. I was immersed in the food, language and best of all, fashion.

There’s only one way to describe Parisian fashion and that is: effortlessly chic. Their messy hair, au naturel makeup and simple yet fashionable outfits are things I started to emulate into my own everyday look—to look like I fit in while there but also because I realized that simple really is more beautiful.


I lived with a mature Parisian woman but also made a friends with a stylish 20-something and if there was anything that they had in common it was their daily beauty routine.

Simply put: wake up, style your hair, mascara on your top and bottom lashes (to aid in hiding under-eye circles), blush and red lipstick. Jeans and a Breton striped shirt are a French women’s best friend.

From taking the metros everywhere and walking around the city, there are a few things I noticed that you will never see in a Parisian’s closet:

  1. Logos—unless they are under the age of 15
  2. Sweatpants. You don’t see any woman walking around in sweats, barely even leggings because leggings aren’t pants.
  3. Jeans with bling. They can be described as “tacky” and clashes with their overall simple look.
  4. UGG boots
  5. Fake designer bags—like fake breasts, you can’t fix your insecurities through counterfeits.


Looking through my friend’s closet, I noticed that she didn’t have an over-abundance of tops or pants and when I asked she simply responded with, “I’d rather buy quality over quantity.”

This is what I tried to bring back with me—spending more on an item knowing it will last me that much longer.

If you want to emulate a more French or even European style in general, my friend generously passed on the list of items you’ll need:

  1. Oxford shoes
  2. Jeans—for every occasion, take them out of her closet and she’ll feel naked
  3. A little black blazer—or four. It dresses up your everyday jeans and can be worn on a day you didn’t want to try too hard
  4. The timeless white button-up
  5. Everyone’s favorite: The Trench
  6. A thick scarf
  7. Way oversized sunglasses
  8. Red lipstick
  9. Her one signature, timeless item. The one you wear when you need to feel strong


You don’t need to spend a decade’s worth of salary on your wardrobe, or flaunt designer brands the rest of your life. Yes, a Parisian woman pays attention to trends and styles but they always stay true to themselves by keeping their look overall effortless and beautiful.

Vasiliki Bitsas, '18

Just another girl continuing her quest for world domination while obsessing over everything John Mayer does.  Always day-dreaming over all things Parisian.  Catch me in the yoga studio or at the pizza bar with the happiest grin.