Jocelyn’s Journey to get Jacked

Joceyln putting in some reps of burpee pull ups that the app “sworkit” suggested for her.
Joceyln putting in some reps of burpee pull ups that the app “sworkit” suggested for her.

If you are looking for an excellent student role model who works two jobs and knows her way around a gym Joceyln Kellner is the super woman to look up to. With such a hectic lifestyle like hers, I just had to get her secrets on how she accomplishes all of these activities and still has time to hit the gym.

Kellner’s first strategy for managing her hectic lifestyle is to get her workouts done early. Her early workout routine helps her get exercises done in the morning so that she does not have to make excuses to not work out later. On days where she has morning classes she works outs as soon as she gets out. That way the day doesn’t get away from her without squeezing gym time in.

“Working out gives me the burst of energy I need for the rest of the day to conquer all of my classes, babysitting, work and lots of homework,” Kellner explains.

Her tip for those who don’t have access to a gym or don’t know what to do for a workout is to download the app “Sworkit.” It has great exercises for every part of your body as well as videos to show you how to do them. Another tip from Kellner for beginner gym-goers is to attend spinning classes on campus. Not only are they free, but they are also really good exercise and they will teach you everything you need to know about spinning but also how your body.

When asking Kellner if she thinks that her fitness lifestyle connects to her fashion life, she agrees that there’s definitely a connection. “As far as fitness and fashion I’d say they go hand in hand,” she says. “I am active a good portion of the day and I always prefer to stick to comfortable clothes, but comfortable doesn’t mean that they aren’t cute.”

Kellner emphasizes the idea that you don’t have to be uncomfortable to be fashionable. A stretchy pair of dark denim jeggings paired with a nice shirt and accessories can make you look effortlessly expensive and trendy without being uncomfortable all day.

Personally she opts for looser fitting tops such as oversized sweaters or flowing blouses. These staple pieces keep outfits trendy, but simple since she is usually rushing to get to class or headed to a workout after class.

When it comes to role models for Joceyln, Carrie Underwood is her idol. “She is great fitness role model because she shows you that you can always manage to fit in a workout even when you are a huge on-the-go super star like her,” she says.

Kellner also looks up to BJ Gaddour for inspiration. He works for Men’s Health magazine and has great videos on his Instagram that showcase ideas for workouts. He demonstrates a variety of body weight workouts, stretching, and cardio. Gym experience or not, you could learn something from him on how to do safe and suitable workouts for your body.

Joceyln showing off her perfectly toned six-pack during spring break after months of working on it all winter.
Joceyln showing off her perfectly toned six-pack during spring break after months of working on it all winter.

Jocelyn would love for others to find inspiration in her lifestyle. “I hope that I am a role model to others,” she says.  “It always makes me happy when people ask me for some workouts they can do. I always want people to push themselves to be the healthiest versions of themselves and if I can inspire them by doing what I love then that’s great.”

When asking her roommates Deanna Coll and Kyla Miles about Joceyln they had very similar things they raved about her. “Joce is absolutely a role model to me and hopefully to all, she never fails to wake up and walk to the gym no matter how bad the weather conditions are or how late she was up the night before. She works harder than anyone I know,” Coll states.

Miles agrees. “I don’t know how she does it.  She is 100% a role model of mine and always will be. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised to see her on the cover of Sports Illustrated or walking in a Victoria Secret runway show.”

Keep up the good work Joceyln…you inspire us all to be the best we can be and to never give up on ourselves no matter how busy our schedules get.

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