The Journey of Boyd’s Beauty

In her free time, Angela works as a freelance makeup artist.
In her free time, Angela works as a freelance makeup artist.

If you’re a health guru, chances are you’ve heard of juice cleanses, paleo diets, and raw food diets, which have all swept the nation at one time or another. It’s impossible to go through the checkout at a grocery store without seeing one of these ways of eating plastered across a magazine. A lot of the times, they end up being big gimmicks, but some are more scientifically based. The newest one to wiggle its way in is the gluten free diet.

The importance of a gluten free diet is often skewed. Most people believe it is just a healthier way of eating. At just six years old, Angela Boyd was diagnosed with Celiac disease, and it was then that she realized she had to make a drastic lifestyle adjustment.

“At first nothing was gluten free,” Boyd explained. “But recently there has been a huge increase in gluten free products because people think it’s a fad diet.” With an increase in products, there are still obstacles that pop up. “Restaurants don’t take you as seriously now,” said Boyd.

Dealing with Celiac disease, along with other immune system issues, only increased Boyd’s interest in health. This then carried into her love for cosmetics. As a little girl, Boyd was immersed in the world of makeup and beauty. “My aunts were very into cosmetics, and I got into it from a young age,” she revealed.

Believe it or not, even makeup contains gluten – who would’ve guessed? Boyd quickly discovered she had to be extremely conscious of every beauty product she used. One wrong choice could turn her into a tomato.

Nobody likes it when their body betrays them. A switch to an organic makeup routine was just what Boyd needed, so she could express her love for cosmetics.

The most convenient way to purchase makeup may be a quick hop to your local Target, but do you really think about how the chemicals in those products affect your body? When Boyd told me 60 percent of everything applied on to our skin is absorbed into our bloodstream, I was extremely surprised. I don’t know about you, but that makes me think twice about the products I use.

Angela enjoys sharing her passion for makeup and beauty with fellow students.
Angela enjoys sharing her passion for makeup and beauty with fellow students.

Just like your makeup brushes that have gone too long without being cleaned, there’s a dirty little secret behind some of the makeup that is marketed as organic: it doesn’t always contain 100 percent organic ingredients. I guess it’s back to those gimmicks like the fad diets.

Boyd showed me the Environmental Working Group app. You can search any makeup or food item, and the app will list the chemicals in the product, along with a ranking based on health concerns. Sometimes store-bought products don’t cut it, so Boyd dabbled around in making her own makeup.

From foundation to lipstick, she’s tried it all. Who knew all you needed was a beetroot to achieve the perfect rosy glow. Boyd was kind enough to give me the recipe she uses for highlighter, which can be found below.

When it comes to makeup, Boyd is a pro, and her clients rave about the results. “By the end of our consolation, she handed me the mirror and I felt more beautiful than on my wedding day. That was the moment I thought, ‘This girl knows what she’s doing’” said one client.

As we all know, people are busy. If concocting makeup isn’t your cup of tea, Juice Beauty, Zuzu Luxe, and After Glow are just some of Boyd’s favorite organic brands.

Angela often creates her own makeup from natural ingredients.
Angela often creates her own makeup from natural ingredients.

As it turns out, an organic makeup routine is beneficial to women of all ages. “I only go to Ang now,” said another client. “I found her by a miracle and she helped me turn my skin around. Ang found solutions for me so I can finally wear makeup again.”

If you’re looking to make the big switch, Boyd says the transition can be easy. “Start replacing products with organic ones as you run out,” she instructs. Organic products don’t blend the same way as our typical makeup. “You need to practice and have an open mind. It takes time to get used to it. It’s better for your skin and health. It’s just like eating healthy.”

Boyd took a struggle in her life, made a little switch and discovered one of her biggest passions along the way. “It’s like fashion,” she said. “You can use it as a self-esteem booster.” Luckily for you guys, she left me with some words of wisdom: “Be happy with yourself without makeup. It’s ok to go a day without foundation. Take each ingredient and read up about it. Have fun, but don’t be too serious about it!“

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