‘Who are You Wearing?’ Instagram is Dying to Know

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What started as a small hashtag has blown up our feeds and possibly reduced our bank accounts.

Let’s start things off with a little self-reflection. Take a deep breath and a good, hard look in the mirror. Are you ready? Okay. Now ask yourself: is this outfit Insta-worthy? Thousands of Instagrammers could easily answer yes. Why? Because the new social media trend sweeping our feeds has us rethinking how we show off our outfits of the day.

Tempted by the style mavens of Instagram, we all secretly want to be that person who posts a killer OOTD (outfit of the day), but have we ever once taken a moment to think how much this new social media trend is really transforming the way we consume fashion?

Those were the days when you’d drool over pages of Instyle and Vogue seeking the latest outfit inspiration. Now it seems with the push of a button, we have a whole new world of fashion right at our fingertips.

Sammy Luterbach, Brand Marketing Director of college fashion blog site CollegeFashionista, adds, “Millennials are much more inclined to listen to their peers rather than an editor, brand or celebrity. Seeing how real people style their clothes feels really inspirational. As a viewer, you feel like you can actually accomplish a similar look, while a feature in a magazine is far more aspirational or just completely editorial.”

Even though the growing threat of the Internet taking over print media is a lingering concern of fashion journalists, there is a plus side to this trend for aspiring fashion moguls looking to snag their first job.

With just over 1,000 followers on Instagram, fashion blogger and Redbook intern, Anneke Knot (@annekeknot), tries her best to stay in touch with fashion-related social media trends. With more and more companies looking up job applicants’ social media platforms, she believes having a polished, fashion-focused Instagram account will communicate her style personality and aesthetic well.

Now how exactly does one achieve a killer OOTD post? Anneke recommends, “A truly great OOTD post is when it is real. Never post something you would never actually wear in real life. Sometimes simplicity is best. Your followers know when you are not being authentic.”

Fashion blogger, Anneke Knot believes tagging her OOTD items helps build a better relationship with the brands she wears and her followers, who seek out her style inspiration.
Fashion blogger, Anneke Knot believes tagging her OOTD items helps build a better relationship with the brands she wears and her followers, who seek out her style inspiration.

To make it even more ideal, Instagrammers will sometimes share where they bought each pictured item by tagging the store in the photo. This makes it easier for shoppers to go out and buy exactly what they see.

“I try [tagging my outfit’s items] to engage with the brands I wear. Every brand I wear I truly love. I want my followers to see what I’m wearing and where it came from,” says Anneke.

Posting that OOTD could also mean more M-O-N-E-Y for popular clothing retailers that snag a shot at free advertising with each post. #SCORE!

Sammy adds, “I know I’m always screen shooting outfits I like on Instagram to save as inspiration, and there have been many cases where I’ve bought items within 30 seconds of spotting them on Instagram.”

So what does all this really mean? Will OOTD be the next WWD? Such a change in the way we seek style inspiration could hand the game over to Instagram. Whether you think it’s possible or not is for you to decide, but save that thought for later. There’s something much more important for you to figure out. How will you make your next OOTD Insta-worthy?


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