Love is in the Air – I Mean Hair – this Spring

Pastel highlights
Pastel highlights are a hit for spring

So, it’s spring and you want to lighten to those tresses. You’ve been saving all your baby sitting money for a new ensemble to wear out this weekend (with that guy you kinda like), but you book a hair appointment instead. The thought of recreating Chrissy Teigen’s new hair color has you counting down the days until you sit in that fateful salon chair.

Flash forward. You are sitting in your car desperately looking into the rear view mirror trying to convince yourself that this is the color you asked for. “I’ll get used to it,” you tell yourself. You had such grand plans for that new face framing color and now you sit defeated in the salon parking lot.

This isn’t want you asked for. Now what?

To avoid this ever so common scenario you must know how to communicate with your stylist. As a licensed cosmetologist I want my clients to show me their latest Pinterest inspiration but I also need to connect with what they really desire as an end result. In order to achieve this, we need to speak the same language.

Below is a guide to some of the hottest hair lingo for spring. Bring this vocabulary with you to the salon and we will all be leaving happy.

Let’s start with Bronde. No I don’t have a mouthful of cheerios, the word really is Bronde…and it is one of the hottest hair trends this spring. Blonde and brunette have teamed up to create a perfectly effortless color.

Blake Lively has been leading the trend with her natural, sun kissed hair. Bronde is created by balayaging the hair. Balayaging is salon speak for hair painting. The highlites are hand painted by the stylist throughout the hair. The key to achieving this look is to ask for multi-dimensional colors that blend well together. Unlike ombre, there should be no harsh lines of demarcation. Bronde is a very easy color to maintain because it looks natural as it grows out.

Welcome, Sombre. This new technique is a subtle version of the tired ombre. The natural root color is woven from the crown of through the hair to the ends with highlites artfully placed from the mid-shaft to the ends. The lightest colors be placed around the face and baseline of the haircut.

Sombre allows for a varation of colors to be used. The possibilities truly are endless. Ask your stylist for a natural looking gradation of color from the roots to ends. For celebrity inspiration, look to Lily James on the E! Red Carpet from this year’s Golden Globes Award Ceremony.

Bronde hair
Lily James shows off her bronde tresses.

Hello, Pastels! A spring guide to trendy hair color would be incomplete without mention of pastel colored hair. Any color goes but shades of rose, apricot, baby blue, and violet are the most popular. You can rock a full head of highlites or use pastels as accent colors amid more natural tones.

As a stylist, it’s important to let you know that this look will give you the least bang for your buck. Though the color looks great at first it will fade quickly. An alternative would be to purchase individual clip-in extensions featuring these fashionable colors.

Instead of sulking after your appointment you won’t be able to Instagram your trendy tresses fast enough. Plus, we all know the natural lighting is particularity good in the driver’s seat.

Sarah Johnson, '16

Good things come in small packages, like me, or jewelry from Tiffany's.