Give Someone the Cold Shoulder with this Hot New Trend

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Let’s face it, we have all been there: standing in our favorite store scanning the racks for something that will make us look great as well as stand out from the crowd. Rack by rack nothing jumps out. It’s sad to say, but it seems that every time we shop, finding that perfect something becomes a little harder to find.

Well, here is some great news to help all of us out of our fashion rut. This spring’s hottest trend, cold shoulders, is the perfect something that doesn’t just make me and you look great, but practically everyone else as well.

First seen on the 2016 Spring and Fall runway shows, the cold shoulder look made quite the statement. From elegant dresses designed by Preen to professional wear designed by Milly, these cold shoulders were seen in almost every style.

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Now worn on celebrities like Jessica Biel and Alexa Chung, these revealing shoulders seem to be here to stay as they have made their way into almost every retail store. But what makes these bare, cut out shoulder lines such a big hit? Maybe it’s the fact that they look great on virtually everyone.

Now, what exactly are cold shoulders? Well, cold shoulders are when just the shoulder is cut out, leaving the skin exposed. You have probably seen them on dresses, t-shirts, and blouses as they can be found on almost anything. This trend is emerging into two completely different looks.

The first has more of a blunt cut, which makes the cold shoulders give a fierce and sexy look. On the other hand, shoulders cut softer and wider, translates to a more dainty and bohemian look. No matter what style they choose, anyone will feel confident in this easy-to-wear look.

open shoulders2

With just a peek of skin exposed, it is hard not to agree that all women look phenomenal in this trend no matter their size or shape. The reason for this is quite simple: there are no such thing as ugly shoulders. Everyone benefits from this hot new trend because the cut of the shoulder exposes just enough skin to highlight anyone’s shoulder line.

Now to those ladies out there that dress a bit more conservatively concealing your arms, don’t you worry. Since this trend only exposes the shoulder, the rest of the arm is concealed with a sleeve.  It’s perfect for showing off a little something but still hiding the fact you haven’t been doing those bicep curls on a daily basis.

These cold shoulders manage to look hot on everyone in any style. If you don’t already own a piece of the cold shoulder trend, the next time you are at your favorite store be sure to grab it while you still can. This trend isn’t going anywhere and will be here to stay for all of 2016 Spring, Summer, and Fall.

Laura Schmiedeler, '18

Just a weird and crazy girl from Arizona, laughing through life and trying to find a good bargain.